A responsive solution

During my internship at BLINK i created a new website for the agency. They already knew that I had experience working with websites and requested that I knew Wordpress by the time I started there as that was what their current website was running on. Unfortunately due to how the website was designed and the functionality we wanted to have in the new site I had no choice but to start from scratch.

I analysed the current website and looked at what other agencies are doing with their websites to get an understanding of the field. I presented these findings along with suggestions on what BLINK's new website should be and we concluded that beyond solving the issues the previous website had the new site also had to be responsive.

During the development of the new website I worked closely with the designers to create a modern design that could represent BLINK online. The result is a custom made BLINK Wordpress theme which provides an excellent responsive experience.

Visit the website at: blinkpartners.se