Delivery Groceries 2.0

Imagine it's Saturday and you're not quite sure what to make for dinner. It's often difficult to be creative and while you've tried home delivery groceries for some reason they're all designed for families.

Why is that?


Creating a food plan for the week is difficult and being creative when it comes to food is really challenging. Several companies have started selling groceries onlines where users get everything they need delivered home for 3-5 dinners.

However the options are very limited and it's difficult to find a place that offer packages for 1 or 2 people. Couple this with poor service where food gets delivered at some point within 3 hours the business model is very much in its infancy.

What if?

The system allowed for more customization while assisting the user in what choices to make.

Food was delivered with more accuracy, allowing for a more convenient experience.

Making home delivery groceries more accessible.

The key challenge when developing this project was creating a solution which was more customizable while also making the experience more straight forward for new users. As a new user it's really difficult to try the service for the first time. There are several different companies with several different options, none of which say "Hey, if you wanna try out the full experience, start with this one".

My solution to this problem was to center the experience around a single bag, rather than choosing between different bags. The user can then customize their bag which makes the experience more accessible for new users while at the same time allows for more customization.

For example a new user would just have to choose amount of people, whether or not they wanted vegetarian food and since the amount of days is already selected by default they're ready to checkout.

Home delivery groceries for everyone!

The problem with current services is that it's almost exclusively designed for families of 4. If you're any other size the amount of food will always be wrong, it's just not a very intuitive experience. By allowing the user to select amount of people, the service suddenly becomes available to many different audiences.

Imagine that you're a young couple who recently moved in together and you're struggling to create healthy and varied meals. By offering a more student friendly plan good food can be both easy and affordable. The structure of this concept allows for this level of customization without taking away from the current core business.

The delivery experience could be greatly improved by using an sms service. Users start by choosing a time bracket in which the food will be delivered. Once a particular bracket is full and the route has been mapped the service could notify users more precisely what time the driver will arrive. This greatly improves the customer experience by not forcing users to wait for 3 hours.