Grobowski 2.0

In the spring of 2012 I was an intern at Grobowski as a part of my education as a Multimedia Designer. During this time I worked with a variety of different projects, one of which being an update of their website. They already had a good idea about how they wanted their website to look, but it was up to me to finalize it and turn it into a fully functioning website.

A big part of this project was the creation of portfolio items. They already had a lot of existing material but we also had to create a lot of new content which included photographing many of the various printed items such as business cards and flyers and creating layouts for each case.

Grobowski also needed a new plan for social media, as it previously was just a place to post funny images from around the web. While that was certainly a good way to show the casual and fun atmosphere of the agency it still wasn't telling a story about what the agency does and who the people working there are. I proposed some ideas for improvement and over the course of my internship we developed a sustainable strategy that the agency could continue to use even after my internship was over. The result is a much more vibrant page that really captures what Grobowski is all about.

Another important goal for the new website was to to have a good appearance on Google and rank high when searching for "reklamebureau aarhus". Grobowski was previously only ranked on the second page and pretty far down, with the new website that changed. Grobowski immediately jumped to the first page and over the course of a couple of weeks it slowly moved upwards on the list.