Streamlining the communication

I developed a new strategy for Idyllien to better communicate the brand online. I did this by developing a social media strategy as well as improving the webshop's flow. This resulted in a 40% increase in amount of transactions per month with customers staying on the website for 50% longer.

The new communication strategy improves Idyllien's ability to communicate the brand across their Facebook page, Instagram page and newsletter. This is done by tailoring the content for each specific platform rather than posting the same content on all platforms. Not only did this lead to an increased amount of likes, followers and subscribers but more importantly it makes these platforms represent Idyllien in a way they haven't before.

Additionally Idyllien now makes use of Spotify to add value to the products and the brand by allowing users to listen to Idyllien's music anywhere. Music is a powerful tool for setting the mood and can greatly enhance the experience of the products if customers choose to create an Idyllien moment at home. What makes Spotify such a powerful part of the brand is the fact that it allows people to interact with the brand in an alternative way at a very low cost of entry.

Idyllien online
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