A modern parking solution

Europark is one of Europe's largest parking companies. It is their vision to be Denmark's main parking company and they aim to achieve this by being at the forefront when it comes to using modern technology to make things as easy as possible for their customers. This development forward aims to make parking meters and payment automats redundant as well as removing cash as a payment method.

Europark's new application "Mobilparkering" makes all of this possible while adding features only available with the use of smartphones. Using this application you can not only start a parking for a set amount of time like with parking meters, you can also stop and even prolong your parking period. This means that you no longer need to pay for time you aren't using, as well as it gives you the option to add extra time in case your meeting runs late.

The application was developed together with Onlimited which stood for the programming portion of the application and website functionality. As a part of Grobowski we created the visual universe including the P-guard Erik P. My personal contribution to the project was many of the art assets for the application, creating everything from pipes and spray cans to 5 different cars in 8 different colors.

Mobilparkering.dk works together with the application which is avalible for both iOS and Android. www.mobile-parking.eu